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Interior design: Ramūnas Manikas
Location: Klaipėda, Lithuania
Project year: 2017
Photography: Ramūnas Manikas


„Dock“ is a burger restaurant in Klaipeda. The customers had always known they would like to open a catering establishment of industrial interior design. Together with clients, the name of the place was chosen, which gave various possibilities to reflect it in the interior. The standard and already cliche attributes of the maritime theme were immediately abandoned. Instead, attributes of a ship repair yard (a dock) and a modern port were used. Thus, a blue facade finish of a sea container imitation was added to the interior. Custom-tailored bar lamp shades, analogous to industrial scissor lamps, metallic glazed partition between a kitchen and a visitors’ hall, table legs and shelving elements found their niche here. Even the brewery pipe look draft tower was made, because suppliers could not provide the size the restaurant needed. The walls are finished with glazed tiles and partially left plastered, the floors – with commercial concrete. This gives an impression of space, similar to seaport storage facilities. Wooden tabletops and bar tops, which are imitating aged and stained surfaces, make the interior warm. The space is enlivened and vivified by a chair mix and their brown leather colour, ships’ name-reminding inner labels, and green indoor plants. The design of the logo, exterior and interior signage was also created for this site.