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Laimės Tiltas

Interior design: Ramūnas Manikas, Valdas Kontrimas
Location: Vilnius, Lietuva
Project year: 2018
Photography: Ramūnas Manikas

“Laimės Tiltas” jewellery and watch shop is located in the reconstructed Palace of the Pac Family in Vilnius. The premises retained their former arrangement, except for the individual spaces joined into one. Upon the fitting of the stairway, the basement premises were joined as well. The buildings of the Palace of the Pac Family is a heritage object, obliging the client to partially recreate the historical interior details. This involved restoring the vaults of the ceiling, wall painting elements and opening some pieces of the old brickwork. The original colour and textured plaster has been restored as well. The new finishing materials were carefully selected to match the old ones in order to create an impression of a solid space. The shop equipment, furniture and lighting feature modern and contemporary forms, but also time-tested and durable finishing materials. These include natural stone, leather and bronze-coloured anodized aluminium, used for the shop equipment and other interior details. All these interior solutions are as if united by the stylised classical chandeliers, featured in the ground floor premises, creating a sense of luxury and splendour in this exclusive space. The basement premises were decorated according to the same principles, except that the wall décor was replaced with open brickwork.