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Interior design: Ramūnas Manikas
Location: Klaipėda, Lithuania
Project year: 2014
Photography: Ramūnas Manikas


By common accord it was decided to turn the process of designing the interior of the pub “Seven” towards a more modern and purified direction, although without forgetting the key elements that form the image of the pub. The premises are decorated with painted wooden panel walls, framed inserts and partially tiled wall areas. The customers can sit on Chester – style furniture, upholstered with artificial leather. Behind the bar there are stepped wooden shelves with a framed mirror above. However, it was decided to let go of some of the interior details, which may seem to be typical for a place of this type, although sometimes at odds with each other. These include pictures, posters, photos, forged and colourful metal elements or other small details. The interior is also dominated by several basic colours, instead of an abundance of shades. The walls and the bar were painted in ocean blue, the toned wooden floor and glued wood tabletops are brown, while the tiles on the wall are white. All the rest of the all and ceiling areas are concrete grey. In contrast to all these, the chairs and pendant lamps are black. All surfaces of the interior are naturally rough or were aged artificially. It was decided to let go of the idea to build suspended ceiling, thus leaving the old one. The ceiling was aged and decorated with a metal pipe construction, which conceals electric wiring. The premises are lighted by all kinds of black and white lamps hanging from the ceiling. The lighting of the bar is similar, based on plain wires with bulb sockets and naked lamp bulbs. All these solutions create an image of a pub, which is not overburdened with details and at the same time does not lose the image of the interior typical to the places of this kind. This object was also suggested the idea of the name as well as exterior and interior signage design.