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Interior design: Ramūnas Manikas
Location: Palanga, Lietuva
Project year: 2021
Photography: Ramūnas Manikas


Music Club “Vandenis” and the nearby restaurant were established in 2005. When the opportunity arose to expand the restaurant, its owners decided to improve the quality of services provided and planned to install an additional customer hall, new restrooms and a bar that had not been available before. It was decided to renovate the entire interior. A certain interpretation of the retro style was chosen for the main interior idea. Real aged bricks have been selected for most of the wall decorations. The walls and ceiling surfaces of unpainted and rough plaster factures have been matched to them. The checkerboard floor tiles that mimic the terrace have also created a kind of retro impression. The chairs chosen for the restaurant were created between the wars, so their design also reflects the past. Even the modern massive pendant lights with many shades seem to imitate chandeliers and are arranged symmetrically – in the centres of the premises. Bright colours are used as a contrast to diversify these decisions. The dominant dark blue colour, by which the natural wood panelling and certain furniture has been painted, is combined with the muted brown colour of rustic floors and other furniture. All individually designed metal products in the interior, lights, some furniture details and the facade of the bar furniture are black. Together, all these elements create the image of a harmonious, modern and long-lasting interior.