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Flat 05

Interior design: Gintarė Manikė
Location: Vilnius, Lietuva
Project year: 2020
Photography: Ramūnas Manikas


The flat in Vilnius is quite small and is intended for short-term visits to the capital. So everything is designed for a quiet and cosy time spending. The interior is rich in natural light, so a darker beige wall colour has been chosen. It is combined with the grey colour of the furniture facades and the shade of the light wood floor. To counteract this seamless combination of colour tones, a darker shade of brown oak has been introduced in some pieces of furniture. Contrasting in the bright space, its calm tone and texture allowed the gold details to stand out: chandeliers, a faucet, switches and other accessories. Quite bright variegated pattern countertop stone, selected on purpose, has given the interior playfulness. It has visually merged with the decorative wallpaper of the bedroom area in the same space. The whole play of shades seemed to be completed by the details of the black tables, chairs and light fixtures. The same integrity is maintained in the bathroom, only with slightly different shades. The yellowish stone on the walls and floor accentuated the walnut-coloured furniture, and the golden tones of the plumbing fixtures created a feeling of warmth and cosiness and a refined interior look.